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Surely most of us have experienced this situation, where we park our car at work in an uncovered parking space, and by the time we enter the car to go to lunch, the car was too hot. So as soon as we start the engine, we would switch on the air conditioner full blast and fully open the windows to cool down the temperature inside the car.

Don't worry, here we are going to share some tips in overcoming this issue. You no longer need to wide open the car down to let it cool down or even lowered the window slightly when you parked.

Furthermore, lowering the window slightly when you parked can be very dangerous as it increases the risk of your car being stolen. All you need to do is just press this function button.

Tips 1: Close the air conditioner flap while driving

Make sure that the air conditioner flap is closed while driving. This functions to help with the air ventilation inside the car. It would help to maintain the cool and fresh breeze while you are driving.

serv-Car-AC-1-1024x681” width= The circle in red represent the air conditioner flap

Tips 2: Open the air conditioner flap while parking

Whenever you are going to park somewhere hot or uncovered, you should open the air conditioner flap so that the hot air does not gather and stuck inside the car. By opening the air conditioner flap, it would allows some air movement inside the car.

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So these are the two tips that you can try straight away to help make your car less hot. Don't forget to try unless you don't mind as if being in a microwave every time you enter your car.

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