April 26, 2018

On 26 April 2018, a smart partnership between SERV, & JomParking was announced with the aim to provide convenience to every driver. The company described the smart partnership as working together across the companies to redefine and create a better user experience of the services offered. The main vision of this partnership is a lifestyle empowered by sophisticated and breakthrough technologies, where a partnership between companies of the same vision become vital to make this a reality.

“We are excited to be partnering with and JomParking to help the car owners in taking care of every aspect of car related issues. Considering that our clients are primarily urban workers, they are known for having hectic lifestyles. Hence, through this collaboration, they can rest assured that we always have their back in making driving and car maintenance a lot easier. At the same time, the collaboration is one of the initiatives for us to support each other in becoming the best in our field of services.” says Arief Imran, the CEO of SERV

The support he means was through the marketing. For example, the collaborations would help to introduce and promote their services among their customer databases. Therefore, this would create more opportunity for respective companies while adding values that each company bring to their customers.

“The smart partnership between JomParking, and SERV will create a high impact eco-system, where our users able to benefit from parking payment, battery replacement and car servicing through our apps.” explained by Muhamad Nasir, the founder of JomParking.

Besides that, this would allow the integration of solutions. A cross-functional team was formed to solve the issues faced by the three companies. Among the steps taken was having the technicians of SERV and on training together. This would permit the assimilation of the services provided by them.

“As the three of us have the similar target market, our main objective is to provide the best customer experience. Each vertical complement each other and joined forces to scale up faster” added the founder, Azarol Faizi.

Despite all three companies have different approaches of services, the collaboration between SERV, and JomParking suits really well. For example, has been concentrating on accommodating on all battery-related problems that can be normally classified as an emergency situation. Consequently, the collaboration with SERV which focus on preventative maintenance can help alert the drivers on the condition of the battery and get their battery replaced before any breakdown occurred. This can be done at any of the location covered by JomParking.

JomParking,, and SERV are working hard together in providing convenience to every car users. Combining the technology between the three companies means that together they can extend the reach of their most advanced technology. In parallel to this, they are also actively seeking companies that carry the same values as them.


SERV hold the principle that a well-maintained vehicle is the key to road safety. Hence, SERV establishes online platforms with a “Car Service Anywhere” concept that can ease every car driver into proper car maintenance. Now, drivers can merely skip the workshop and simply have access to car service and light repairs at their fingertips. Furthermore, the platforms will provide the customer a price quote of the requested services followed by a comprehensive car health report on the condition of the car.

ABOUT BATERIKU.COM offer their services day and night, delivering battery straight to the customer’s doorstep. They will first diagnose the problem to confirm that it was battery problem before installing a new battery. The best part – the customer will only be charged on the battery cost, as other services are provided for free. They also provide a warranty of 18 months for the respective battery.


JomParking is an app that can help car owners pay their parking fee conveniently. Car owners can now pay and even extend their parking duration cash-free and instantly through the app. They are now available at parking spaces managed by DBKL and few other local authorities. They look forward to expanding to more locations from time to time.

For more information about SERV, & JomParking, please visit their website or download their apps as following:SERV – Apple Store & Google Play – Apple Store & Google Play StoreJomParking – Apple Store & Google Play Store