August 8, 2019

1. Observe-Intrepret-Act

Driving requires you to channel your inner Jedi master. When you drive in a calm and relax manner, you will be able to observe your surrounding better. Hence, it allows you to interpret a situation on the road better and act accordingly -basically, handling it like a boss. The only way to be good at this is by driving more and learning from the experience.

2. Lane Merging

Many seem to be unaware that it is crucial to be at the same speed range with the vehicles in the next lane when merging. Merging at a high speed can be a threat to other vehicles while merging too slow would cause disruption to the traffic flow. Once you reached the right speed, only then apply the zipping method. Remember, never to merge immediately to the main lane and avoid merging at the last second. You shouldn’t head for the middle lane right away.

3. Changing Lane

Changing lane deserve it’s own subtopic as it’s among the main reason for accidents to occur on the road. Always make sure that you have enough space before changing lane and never assumed or expect another vehicle to slow down for you. It would create a lot of threats on the road. Do it quickly and safely -as being in the middle of two lanes is more dangerous. Just be extra careful with your blind spot and remember to turn on your signal!

4. Parking

Parking is something you need to do eventually every time you drive. Mastering the right way to park your car going to need a lot of practices. If you happened to be very bad it, just refer to the online tutorial and try to do it at an empty parking lot. Installing a camera and sensors can also help you park the car easier.

5. Driving Downhill

It a common habit among driver to shift to neutral (N) gear when going downhill. They believe that that it would help save the fuel, which happened to be just a myth. As long as pressure is released from the throttle, the engine runs in idling speed which the fuel is taken in through an idling circuit. Being in N gear can cause damage to the gearbox, which cost really expensive to be replaced. This is also a very dangerous habit as you need to use your physical strength on the brake system to slow down or stop. This can switch your focus from handling the car well. Hence, certain countries such as the UK has made it illegal to coast down out of gear.

6. Reminding the Co-driver

It is a common joke how the co-driver tend to nag on the driver driving style. Funny as it is, it can be very dangerous, especially if it caused panic to the driver. Instead of yelling “look out!” or caused any unnecessary alarming situation, remind the co-driver to say something like “watch out, there is something on the road” or “there is a motorcycle approaching fast on the left”. Co-driver can be useful in helping the driver to be more alert.

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