August 8, 2019

You can now get your car service at the office or home -basically anywhere you want. Yes, that is made possible with SERV

SERV envisioned a lifestyle that is empowered by sophisticated and breakthrough technologies that would bring ease to people’s life.

Hence, SERV, which based in MaGIC Cyberjaya exist to ease the urban workers from the fuss of getting their car service.

With the “Car Service Anywhere” concept, SERV creates an online platform that connects you to a qualified mechanic. Now, you no longer need to waste your weekend or sacrifice your annual leave to spend the day at the service centre. With SERV, you can simply skip the workshop.

SERV Partners (SP), which are their registered mechanics, will come to any places you set- just to service your car. With this app, ‘I have no time’ definitely is not a valid reason for your car to be unattended for a routine car service.

Some might question whether is it necessary to service the car regularly? And, what’s the worse can happen if you waited a few months longer than the scheduled service date?

Your car might appear to work normally, but it’s taking a toll on the car’s internal parts. The engine will run less efficiently and tends to overheat. Sludge will be formed on the surrounding of the engine and its components; shortening the engine life. With a bad engine condition, the reparation could cost up to thousands of ringgit.

Operating daily, the SERV Partner will come to you to suit your convenience, be it at your home, office or restaurant. You just need to book an appointment through the mobile app.

What’s unique about SERV – you will receive a price quote when you’ve booked with them, therefore paying more than expected, which every one of us experienced this once, won’t be an issue.

Once the booking and payment is done, your car would be SERVed exclusively by the SERV partner. A free car health report made up of 23 points inspection is also included; making you be more well aware of your car’s condition.

SERV is currently operating in the Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya and they look forward to expand to the major cities in Malaysia.

SERV believe the time has come to assimilate technology in one’s life more than ever before. Now is the perfect chance to SERV your car anytime and anywhere*.

*subject to Serv Partner availability