August 8, 2019

For a vehicle to function at its highest performance, it must have transmission oil circulating throughout its various parts and must be changed accordingly. Transmission oil also known as transmission fluid is a specialized oil mainly use for automatic transmission. This oil will prevent the metal parts from grinding down inside your gearbox. It also acts as a coolant that help different parts of your transmission to maintain cool. Yet, auto transmission fluids has a few types, depending on what kind of transmission your vehicle is using. For automatic transmissions, they use the regular automatic transmission oil. As for manual transmissions, it may differ, it can use either the automatic transmission oil, a plain motor oil or hypoid gear oil.

As part of having a transmission that runs efficiently, the transmission oil is one of the essential aspect of it. It is used to lubricate your car transmission for it to run accordingly and smoothly. It helps protect and clean your car transmission’s metal surfaces from depleting and also the gaskets condition. Transmission oil is the key to having a long lasting life for your car and to ensure it operates at its best capacity. However, there are different types of transmission oil. The best solution to know which transmission oil is best for your vehicle is by asking an automotive specialist, so make sure to maintain your car maintenance schedule and get your car checked regularly.

It is best to avoid having problems and it is recommended that you follow your manufacturer’s recommendation for any automatic transmission service, issues that may occur are:


Low transmission oil or fluid can be caused by 2 things. One of the causes is human error. When servicing your car, if the fluid reservoir is not filled properly then it may lead to major transmission problem. Another cause is an automatic transmission fluid leak as explained below.


When driving, if you see reddish colored fluid on your road, it may be a sign that you have automatic transmission fluid (ATF) leak. The seal between the engine and the transmission are one of the most common leak areas and also the transmission drain hole. A leak can lead to lack of acceleration, delayed responses and gear slippage. This is because there is insufficient fluid for the transmission to function.


It is important to take care of your car for it to have a long-term health. You must ensure, your automatic transmission is being serviced accordingly and have the transmission filter replaced or cleaned. The oil would not be able to circulate properly inside the transmission if the filter becomes clogged. An ATF flush and filter change would likely to resolve these common transmission problems.

To maintain your car to perform well, transmission oil is one of the essential aspect of ensuring your car runs smoothly and efficiently. Doing the maintenance for transmission oil is not a hard job. You can actually do the job yourself, if you know what you’re doing. However, it is most recommended to have this done by mechanics. In addition, you can ask them to inspect your car for any other leaks.

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