August 8, 2019

Road trips are usually described as something fun and memorable. The long hours of driving, singing in the car, calming scenery and toilet stops are among the highlights for every road trips.

For every road trips, the last thing you want is to have any car troubles. It would definitely delay and disrupt the whole trips planned. So, here is a list of important things to check and prepare on before starting your road trips.

1. Documents: Getting traffic summoned from JPJ or police traffic would definitely spoil the holiday mood. So, before you begin your journey, make sure to check your license expiry date and whether the road tax is still valid. Keep the owner’s manual and details on road assistance in the car as well.

2. Travel emergency pack: The travel pack might seem petty to some, but it can be a huge aid in a pinch. Have a read on “Essential Items That You Need to Have When Travelling” to pack your own travel emergency pack. You never know when you are going to need it. Tip – start basic and add on the items according to your needs.

3. Tyres: It is a very important safety feature and one of the most common sources of problem occurred when travelling. Remember that tyres are the only contact there is between your car and the road. Check the tyres physical conditions and whether the air pressure is perfect. Lastly, always keep a spare tyre in your car.

4. Brake: The one thing you really need to avoid is brake problem when driving, regardless of a short or long journey. It can be very dangerous as may lead to a road accident. Do know that brake has a lot of components such as brake pad, brake axle, and brake fluid.

5. Battery: Low or drained battery problem is something that can be easily avoided, yet many people still encountered it. The best way to avoid it is by checking the connections, the voltage and the fluid of the battery. It is advisable to get a professional to do it if you are not familiar with it.

6. Fluids: Speaking of brake and battery fluids, there is also other fluids or lubricants that you should check on. For examples are engine oil, washer fluid, and coolant. Thus, if it happens that you are low on any of the fluids, make sure to top-up it before you begin your journey.

7. Maintenance & Repair: In case you haven’t noticed, most preparation for safe journeys is related to car maintenance. If your service and maintained your car regularly, most of the car problems can be easily avoided. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to double check the condition of the car as often as possible especially before travelling. This is because the interval of each service is around 3-6 months, and many things can change or happen between those times.

We at SERV strongly believe that proper car maintenance is the key to road safety. Hence, to ease the whole of car maintenance and repair process for car users, SERV introduce the “Car Service Anywhere” concept.

Now, the SERV app has made it possible to get car service and light repairs in the most convenient, fast and transparent way for everyone. Plus, you will receive a FREE car health report worth RM 70 when you service your car with SERV. It is really useful to help you alert and understand the true condition of your car. Drive safe! 

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