August 8, 2019

Have you ever been lied by a workshop when you sent the car for repair? What usually happened is that the bills always seems to rise beyond expectations despite the problems doesn’t seem much.

For someone that inexperienced in dealing with car problems, you are forced to blindly trust on the workshop. Therefore, choosing the right workshop plays an important role in terms ensuring the quality of car maintenance to be received.

Following are the tips on choosing car service workshops

1. Find a known workshop

2. Choose workshop that look appropriate, clean and neat.

3. Do some research beforehand about the car problems that you are facing.

4. Ask for clarification on the damage of your car and the tools needed to fix the damage.

5. Get a description of the estimated cost to repair the car damage. If possible, try to get it in writing form for future reference.

6. Get a professional mechanic to do the service.

7. When the car is done repaired, test drive it first before making a payment.

8. If possible, try to inspect the replaced items to ensure that they are properly installed to your car.

9. Be sure to check the details of the bill before making your payment.

Now you no longer need to go to the workshops for the regular engine oil change. Just contact SERV and we will come to anywhere that you are convenient to service your car. Every car service booking would receive price quote beforehand and FREE 22 inspection checkpoints.


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