August 8, 2019

Car Service: The comfort level in a workshop can affect the emotion of a woman. Considering that most workshops offer worn out chairs and outdated magazines, this creates discomfort situations for the lady drivers. What’s more if you are fooled by certain workshops that tend to upsale by advising you to change the part even if it’s still in good conditions

This is what most women experience if they happened to send their car to this overpriced workshop. Once they realised that we are stylish career women, they try to take advantage to charge more at us. Car service is actually really important and something that both men and women need to take note on about. Here are the basic things about car service that a woman should know and perhaps share with the husband or boyfriend.

Engine Oil

This is the major thing in a car service. Mineral or non-synthetic engine oil can travel up to 5,000km distance while the semi-synthetic oil allows up to 8,000km. As for the fully-synthetic engine oil, it can go up to 12,000km distance. Do take note that it can be slightly differ according to the brand of engine oil.

Oil Filter

Just like the engine oil, it is advisable to replace it together when you changed your engine oil. Hence, usually during a car service, oil filter change would be included in the engine oil change package.

Spark Plug

Replaced according to the distance. 20,000km is usually the ideal distance to change the spark plug. Although it can actually be used up to 25,000km, it is best to change it before 25,000km. The car would struggle to start if the spark plug has worn out or the electrode is too thin.


Car Battery

It can last up to 2 or 3 years, according to the type of the battery. The dry cell battery can reach up to 3 years while the wet cell battery lasts within 2 years. The battery is really important and running out of battery charge would cause the engine won’t start. You need to know the type of battery your car used as each car has its respective battery code according to the size of the car engine. Whenever you do a car service, you can request the mechanic to check the health of your car battery.


A tyre is another important component in a car, which has a lifespan of 5 years. Even though you might rarely use it and the tyre is still not worn out, rubber tyre has an expiry date of 5 years from the date of manufacture. However, for most cars in Malaysia, the tyre rarely reached 5 years as by the time it reaches 2 or 3 years, the tyre has worn out.

Tyre Air Pressure

Tyre air pressure inspection is a must before you travel. The tyre that is lack of air pressure causes the tyre easily damaged and bald at the sides while having excess air pressure can lead the middle part of the tyre to wear out faster. Hence, make sure to fill in the air pressure according to the setting mentioned in the car’s manual.

The points mentioned above are the main principles in a car service. This can be done by both men and women. Let’s continue reading for other major things in car service.

This is relevant for every driver to know and would definitely be a useful info for yourself and the surrounding community.


Timing Belt

Most car’s timing belt last up to 60,000km travelled distance. Some might even be up to 90,000km until 160,000km. Thus, it is advisable to check the respective car’s manual.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter must be replaced every 40,000km to 45,000km. The price is pretty affordable, around RM15-RM50 according to the car type.

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Air Filter

An air filter is replaced every 20,000km to 30,000km. You should check the condition of the air filter before changing it. Change it if it’s black or broken. If it seems to be in good condition, just request to the mechanic to clean the air filter with high-pressure air spray or air compressor.

Automatic Transmission Fluid @ ATF Oil

This oil is essential for the automatic transmission car type. The appropriate time and distance to change the ATF oil is actually mentioned in the car’s manual. On average, most car need to change their ATF oil within 30,000km to 40,000km travelled distance. Damaged gearbox would be a horrible hassle for those who ignored to replace the ATF oil once it’s due to the repair cost is really expensive.

Gear Oil (Manual Transmission Car)

For manual transmission car user instead of ATF oil mentioned above. This oil need to be changed every 60,000km.

Brake and Power Steering Oil

Preferably change every 60,000km

Radiator Coolant

A bottle cost around RM8-RM15. It’s usually seen as green or bluish green liquid depending on the manufacturer. This coolant is replaced every 60,000km. It is important in maintaining the stability of the engine temperature.

Air-cond and Alternator Belt

These belts should be replaced at the same time with the timing belt. Both air-cond and alternator belt are easily identifiable on whether or not they need to be switched to new ones. This is because these belts are placed upfront, and can be easily seen. If there is a loud noise produced from the belt, it is time to go to the workshop.

Regular Service

This is essential to allow that the car operates smoothly. It is recommended to do preventative maintenance to ensure the car is always in good condition.

All the information available in this article is significant for us as a woman to know. If not all, at least we should be well-informed on the engine oil, oil filter and tyre pressure as this is the basis of a car service. In this modern age, there are many websites or mobile apps that offer car service expertise as well as changing the car batteries for both men and women.

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