Meet the concierge of car ownership: This startup aims to be South East Asia’s next auto super app
October 14, 2019

● SERV is an automotive tech company that connects and collects vehicle maintenance records in real-time. The record will then be used to provide insights and cue reminder for the next maintenance to the users

● SERV has engaged with popular automotive providers such as, Autohaus KL, insurance platform, Sureplify, and e-wallet provider Boost, to amplify their offerings to customers

14th October 2019, Cyberjaya, Malaysia — Wouldn’t it be a joy to car owners to have one single app that they can use to keep all of the information about your car, bring the car service to your doorstep, remind you of when your next car service should be, change your car battery or other spare parts, buy insurance and road tax renewal and perhaps help ease your parking payments?

Look no further, this Malaysian startup is making car ownership simple for everyone. Founded in 2017, SERV who initially started as a mobile car service has now expanded its features to cover all the essential needs of owning a car. Their recent partnership includes e-wallet provider Boost, on-demand car battery delivery, car service, and repair chain Autohaus KL, safe drivers community DriveMark and parking payment platform JomParking. Now users will only need one app that can access services related to their car’s needs.

SERV app gives access to users to upload necessary information about their car for example ownership, date of their last car maintenance, mileage, battery change, road tax, and insurance information. On top of that, users can book car service based on their preferred time and location, and notify the user when the next car maintenance is due.

Along with its transparent pricing, users can generate quote and book other services offered by SERV partners in the app such as battery change, road tax renewal, and insurance purchase and pay for parking. In the case of a fender bender or mishap along the road, SERV will come to your rescue too! In the app, users can find roadside assistance services made possible by SERV partnership with Accident Assist. Never fret for any short of cash at hand, SERV is mobile payment friendly as they are now integrated with Boost. Partnership with Boost and JomParking allows SERV customers to access SERV via partner’s app as well.

Car ownership data collected through SERV app is especially helpful to prevent fraud when it comes to the second-hand car dealership. This is what makes SERV one of Malaysia’s promising startup. SERV is endorsed by government-backed investment firm Cradle Fund and is well acquainted with agencies and companies such as Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) as well as Cyberview to name a few.

SERV is here to stay and aims to be the next super app by 2020, connecting industry players in automotive and beyond in one platform to simplify user journey of owning a car. SERV app is available for download on Appstore and Google Play Store.

About SERV

In 2017, SERV kick-off its platform with the concept of “Car Service Anywhere” offering mobile car service at customer’s disposal. SERV app records car service history and notifies its users when the
next maintenance should be. Fast forward to the present, SERV has expanded its services beyond car maintenance through partnerships with numerous auto and tech-related companies such as, AutoHaus KL, Sureplify, Accident Assist, Boost, JomParking and Driver Mark.

The partnerships enable customers to request for on-site battery replacement, book a car repair session, compare and buy car insurance and renew road tax, call for roadside assistance, pay through mobile payment, and get rewarded for safe driving. To date, SERV has received recognition from various Malaysian government agencies namely Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC) and funding from Cradle Fund.

For media-related inquiries, please contact For further information about SERV, please visit SERV app is available on Appstore and GooglePlay.