July 24, 2020

SERV is known as the eminent ‘Vehicle Super App’ that is committed towards serving Malaysia in digitalizing vehicle ownership and envisions to enhance Malaysian’s automotive industry in this era. This has thereby created an ecosystem that blends mobility, convenience and automotive services in one fell swoop. Now that we have seen the unfolding future mobility is navigating throughout this current global phase, SERV hopes to achieve this mobility dream in the future in regards to the significant impact in the automotive industry.

In conjunction to that, SERV turns 3 years old this year throughout this unprecedented time and managed to achieve continuous  growth alongside our partners. SERV joint effort with REKA to unlock innovative ideas and new technology in this modern world. REKA specializes in AI, which is known as autonomous mobility and big data analytics. SERV and REKA believe that by having the same vision and mission in the whole automotive and mobility landscape alongside the availability of innovative technologies will help to revolutionize all the business in the automotive industry and enhance the future of mobility.

In the next span of three years, SERV articulates the desired milestone of shifting the automotive sector to the next higher level by partnering with the prestige Direct Lending to aid the automotive sectors by providing peer-to-peer loans provider which has been constructed in a way to help SERV workshop merchants who are currently looking for short term finance under more flexible terms and conditions. With two companies merge, SERV and REKA established a great platform for the fute mobility that creates a breakthrough in the automotive sector that provides upcoming opportunities.

One thing that is certain is the fast-changing world of future mobility, SERV believes in turning the crisis or pandemic into an opportunity to accelerate towards transformation by creating a new ecosystem of mobility, with implications affecting more than just the automotive industry.