September 12, 2020


One of the benefits that our SERV Merchants can reap when they sign up to join us is that they will be able to learn more about SERV and our efforts to digitalize the automotive industry. Last Thursday, our COO Nor Safiq, took to zoom and gave a webinar on the basics of SERVtember and our Drive-In for our newly registered SERV Merchants. Here’s some of the highlights of his talk:

1. SERVtember

Every year in the month of September; or as we call it, SERVtember; we up the ante on  increasing awareness about SERV by sharing tips and giving car info to our users via our social media, emailer, etc. We always remember to include a Call To Action (CTA) under every post for users to service their car through the SERV app with Service On The Go or Drive-In.

2. Joint Marketing Effort

Another benefit our registered SERV Merchants receive is free marketing from us. For example, we regularly post Merchant Highlights where we label our merchants as SERV Heroes. Based on our research, our users; whom are mainly female; would require a “hero” to help to service their car, provide breakdown assistance as well as become a trustworthy figure who can teach them more about their car. This is when we highlight every workshop’s specialty, the people behind the workshop as well as any promotions said workshop may be having. We’ll blast these highlights across all our social media platforms and on our SERV app where we have over 10,000 users.

3. Ongoing Campaigns

Safiq also highlighted a few ongoing campaigns that we’re hosting for the benefit of our registered SERV Merchants. These campaigns are:

  1. Referral Campaign
    We encourage our registered SERV Merchants to spread the word about our app and refer their friends who own a workshop or other automotive related service to join us at SERV! All our merchants have to do is share a sign up link we provide and remind their friend to insert their referral code for our merchants to earn rewards.
  2. Wheel of Fortune
    At SERV, we want both our users and merchants to reap all the benefits they can from using our platform which is why we reward every merchant who completes the most transactions through SERV with a cash prize every month! The user will benefit when they can view the available services on Drive-In and monitor their car health report while Merchants can view their transaction reports and customer reports via the NERVE Dashboard.
  3. Direct Lending Funds
    If you’ve read the news in the past few months, you might have noticed that we’ve partnered with Direct Lending in order to provide our SERV Merchants with the finds they would need to continue operating their workshop, especially during these economically harsh times. Our registered SERV Merchants can apply for an aid called “Bantuan Belian Bekalan” worth up to RM3,000 when they’re in need of financial assistance. Terms & Conditions apply

4. SERV App Features

As one of our SERV Merchants, it’s important to stay up to date with every feature our SERV app offers in the event where a user enquires about it. Here’s a summary of every feature for you to stay in-the-know:

  1. Service On The Go
    With this feature, users can choose when and where they would require car services. However, at this current time, this is only limited to basic services, battery replacements as well as breakdown assistance
  2. Road Tax & Insurance Renewal
    Not many of our users know but they can also renew their road tax or insurance with just a few taps on the app
  3. Stay at Home
    This feature was launched during the early phases of MCO where we wanted to assist in flattening the curve while everyone was staying home in quarantine. This feature includes grocery shopping, an eBazaar and online services such as paying your Zakat online.
  4. Drive-In
    Drive-In is one of our latest features and one that we will continuously update for the benefit of our users and merchants. Through Drive-In, users can drive to a physical workshop to complete their car maintenance or services. At this moment, we only offer basic services and repair only but we plan to add more service options in the future.
    We just added a new feature under Drive-In, due to popular demand, where users can now book an appointment with local workshops ahead of time. This helps the workshop to arrange and plan their servicing schedules accordingly so as to not overload themselves with work. 

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