Do you know that other than the car engine, your air-conditioner also need regular check and maintenance? Actually, there are a few parts that need to be checked to ensure that the air conditioner is in a good condition. Following are the 4 tips on car air conditioner maintenance:

i Once a month, check for any air conditioner leakage by pouring soapy water to the air conditioner pipe. If bubbles seem to appear along the pipe, there is a possibility of leakage. This would help to maintain the level of comfort of the air conditioner.

ii Make sure that the air conditioner is not switch on immediately every time you start your engine. Let the engine heat up for 2-3 minutes before switching on the air conditioner. If possible, wait another 2-3 minutes before beginning you journey.

iii Make sure that the air conditioner belt section is always checked to ensure that it is tighten as loose belt can damage the compressor.

iv Make sure that you switch off the air conditioner before turning off the engine.


In ensuring that your trips are comfortable, especially on long journeys, regular maintenance and service of the air conditioner is mandatory. Among the benefits when you service your car according to the schedule are as follows:

1) To prolong the life span of the parts

2) A more refreshing environment in the car

3) Provide comfort during the drive

4) Ensuring clean supply of air

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