Do you know that driving while being angry can be really dangerous? Being under stressful conditions can cause the emotion to affect one's behaviour while driving. For example, it can lead to driving aggressively or becoming a road bully. Road rage can happen to anyone whether when being caught up in traffic or while driving beyond the speed limit. Hera are the four tips that can avoid anger or road rage on the road.

1. Calm yourself down

The best way to prevent yourself from driving with anger is by calming yourself down at the beginning of the drive. Take a break for a while if you are feeling angry while driving and only proceed to drive once you fell at ease.

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2. Driving experience

Music can help to improve the driving experience. Listening to upbeat music can help make you feel happier, or slow songs to make you feel peaceful. You can also use an air freshener to make your car smell a lot nicer.


3. Consider some extra time and plan the journey

Whenever you have to drive to somewhere important, make sure that you start the journey earlier to allow some extra time. This extra time would help if something come up during the drive, for example, traffic jammed. This would prevent you from rushing to the destination and driving under high pressure.

So, plan your journey well especially during the peak hours. You can use mobile applications such as Waze to help you plan your journey.

4. Identify the effect of road rage

Do you feel that road rage is one of best way to express you anger? However, you need to remember that there will be serious effects of this habit. Road rage can lead to accidents that can hurt or kill someone. This result in criminal record that can put you in jail.

Anger can trigger high blood pressure and this is not good your health. Thus, if you follow the provided tips, you might be able to be someone that always remain calm while driving.

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