1.Using Mobile Phones

Have you ever experienced a situation in front of you suddenly brake or weaving left to right, and when you decided to overtake the respective car, you've realised that the driver is using his phone?

Despite many people know the negative effects of using mobile phone while driving, yet many still do it anyway. Remember, you will not only risk your life, but the lives of other road users. Those calls and messages can be put on hold.

2.Taking Two Spaces of Parking Lot

You're in the mall parking on Sunday, and from a distance you see there's one empty space. Once you arrived to the respective lot, you realise that the neighbouring car has actually parked in between or slightly into two parking spaces - how would you feel?

Hence, every time you park your car, before leaving your car, please check that you car at the centre of parking box. Please ensure that the car is not on the line or really close to line -by making sure that your side mirror is in the line.


3.Not Signalling When Turning or Changing Lanes, or Leaving the Signal On

Many drivers tend to change lanes without signalling beforehand. Some even considered it was better to not use the signal as this would made the vehicles in the next lane to accelerate and prevent them from entering their lane.

However this kind of mindset indirectly indicate that they are trying to change the lane by surprise to the other drivers, which could be dangerous for both sides, especially for upcoming motorcycles. Why don't from now on, everyone starts using the signal when changing lanes, and also give way to cars that are try to change lanes. This would made the road much safer.

Besides that, leaving the signal on is as dangerous as not using it. There have been a lot of accidents especially at the junctions. For example a driver is trying to get out of a junction see an upcoming vehicle turning on the signal as if the vehicle is entering the respective junction. This can caused accident as it can be confusing for other road users when the signal is left n. So make sure to turn off the signal after using it.


If you always do this, please stop. This act is very dangerous because you usually do this at a high speed. Hence, you won't have enough space or time to brake -considering you can't see far ahead following the car in front too close. Plus you are putting the driver in front in high pressure to switch lane fast without making sure that the next lane is clear.

It is understandable that sometimes the vehicle in front is driving slow in the fast lane (another annoying thing), but there is a possibility that the driver is trying to overtake other cars, so try to be patient. Just overtake the slow vehicle when you have the chance instead of tailgating that respective car.

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5.Road Bully

There has been a lot of viral issues of videos on the social media sites about violence on the roads.Here is an example of the situation:

Driver A switched lane by surprised as he is busy with his mobile phone (Please do not repeat this action) and caused an accident involving driver B. Certainly driver B are upset for being a victim of driver A reckless driving. In this situation, driver A should apologise to driver B and be responsible for his actions (eg; insurance issues or listening to driver B rant).At the same time, driver B could try to calm down and take some actions on it rather than beating up driver A.

Sometimes, we accidentally make mistakes that almost result to an accident, just own up to our mistakes and apologised. Then, make sure that we don't repeat the same mistake again. Just accept the warning -such as being honked by other drivers with an open heart. Please stop being a road bully.

Stay calm on the road, call SERV to service your vehicle before travelling. Contact: 018-210 8110