1. Driving in Positive and Relax Condition

Driver should avoid driving in a state of anger, sleepy or sad. Try to think about fuel saving during driving as it would affect the style of driving. If possible, try to use public transport to longer distance journey.

2. Smooth acceleration and deceleration

Sudden acceleration and deceleration could increase fuel consumption nearly to one kilometer to a liter of fuel. This usually happened during traffic congestion and usually done by inexperienced driver.

3. Driving according to the speed limit

Driver need to make it a habit to press the acceleration pedal slowly. This can help to save oil. Try to follow the instructed speed limit which help you drive at a consistent speed. Just remember that as the accelerator is push down too far, more fuel will be consumed.

drag-170892_1280-768x512 4. Using the appropriate gear

Try to maintain the speed of the car before switching to a higher gear. Besides that, driver is advised to switch the gear quickly and carefully while driving up the hill. For an automatic transmission car, allow the car to move slightly before releasing the force on the acceleration pedal slowly to prevent more consumption of fuel driving up the hill.

5. Ensuring that the tyres has adequate air pressure

Driver need to make sure that the tyres has adequate air pressure as recommended by the car manufacturer. Inadequate air pressure can increase the fuel consumption. It can also lead the sides of the tyres to worn out faster. At the same time, having higher air pressure than recommended can caused the middle part of the tyres to worn out faster and make the driving to be less smooth.

6. Don't left the engine on too long

Avoid leaving your engine on too long. This usually happened when you are waiting for someone. Besides that, there's no need to heat up your engine too long in the morning.

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7. Reduce the wind resistance

A car is designed aerodynamically to reduce the wind resistance. Among the steps that can be taken to reduce wind resistance is to close the windows if the speeds exceed 60km/h. Also try to avoid bringing unnecessary items in your car as it will also consume more fuel used.

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