Do you know that there are variety of hacks that can be used to remove the stink smell inside the car?

Sometimes, the hacks do not only help to remove the stink odour, but also help to remove strong or unpleasant odour such as the smell of durian.

Here are some of the cheap natural ingredients that able to help eliminate the unpleasant smell.

1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the ingredient that is able to absorb the unpleasant smell. The way to do it is put a bowl of coffee powder inside the car and leave it there overnight. Remember to make sure that all windows are closed throughout the process.

By the next day, you will smell the coffee aroma that able to help in reducing your stress level. If the unpleasant smell is still present, you can try repeat the process by changing to the coffee powders a few times a week until the smell is truly gone.

2. Vinegar

This is a traditional method that is commonly used by the elderly to get rid the odour. Just pour the vinegar into a container and placed it in the middle of the car. Leave it overnight inside the car. The vinegar will absorb the odour. If you want to make it smell nicer, try squeezing some lemons in the vinegar solution.

3. Cinnamon

If you happened to like sweet smell, you can try using cinnamon to remove the odour. All you need to do is boil 2 sticks of cinnamon and pour it into a cup. Then placed the cup inside the car with until the water cooled down to the room temperature. Remember to make sure that all windows are closed throughout the process.

kayu-manis-1024x576 4. Citrus fruits peel

If you prefer the citrus smell, you can use any citrus fruits peel such as oranges, lemons and limes. Just peel the skin of the citrus fruit and put it in a container. Leave the container inside the car and it would absorb all the unpleasant smell. Besides that, it would leave a very refreshing citrusy smell.

5. Pandan leaves

Collect a few pandan leaves and tied it together before placing them under your car seat. You can also cut the pandan leaves into tiny pieces to turn it into potpourri. Hang it anywhere inside your car. The pandan leaves would release the pandan aroma that would reduce the unpleasant smell. This is a cheap and long-lasting alternative to the usual car freshener.

6. Charcoal

Sometimes in order to make your car smell nice, you need to neutralize all the stink and unpleasant smells beforehand. This is because the smell would worsen if you straight away used the air freshener.

Therefore, in neutralizing the smell, you can fill up the charcoal into one small bag and store it at the under the passenger seat. Charcoal has an odour-absorbent property that able to neutralize the odour.

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7. Bread

You can also try to put any white bread such Gardenia inside your car. Take 2 slices of bread and placed in the smelly areas in your car. Over time, the stink smell would start to reduce as it is being absorbed by the breads.

8. Newspaper

Although you might not be a smoker, every time you give a ride to a smoker, sometimes the cigarette smoke tends to stick to your car even if the car window has been lowered. Don't worry, all you need to do is crumpled a few pieces of newspaper and leave it overnight in your car to absorb the cigarette smoke smell.

After removing the smell, rather than using any air-freshener available in the market, you can use the above-mentioned items which are cheap and does not have any dangerous chemical effects. Furthermore, most of the items can be easily obtained.

Remember to take care of the internal part of your car by regularly servicing your car. Just visit us at www.serv.my and we will service your car anywhere you like!