9 Tips on How to Handle or Maintain a Stationary Car


The coronavirus pandemic is upending the way we are living our life. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, you might be leaving your car unused in the garage for a long period of time, and later finding it in a state of an unnecessary breakdown which could be avoided with proper servicing. It is possible to avoid this matter to an extent if we take the right measures. Here are some tips on how to handle or maintain a stationary car during this Restriction Movement Order period : -

1. Inspect your wiper blades during the scorching hot weather

Extreme temperatures and UV rays might damage the wiper blades. When necessary, lift your wiper blades to avoid unnecessary damaged squeegee, discolouration and cracks on it.

2. Remove your children car seat

Most of the car seats have features such as vinyl or leather seats that produce heat from the materials when they are exposed to sunlight and high temperatures. Remove the car seats and place it in your house.

3. Prevent cockroaches from infesting your car

The existence of cockroaches in the car is a nuisance. Use the right pesticide or repellent. Mix your own ingredients given by abuyatsakoora (read more here) whereby you have to include margarine, used cooking oil, and sweetened condensed milk and put the mixture in a container and leave it in the car overnight.

4. Check your Car Battery

Make sure that your car battery is working. You need to start your car engine and heat up your battery for 10-20 minutes at least once a week. If your battery doesn't work, get help from our SERV app!

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5. Make sure there is enough petrol in the tank

Malaysia is well known for its humid weather and it might lead to the rusting of your car tank. Having the right amount of petrol in the car will help to prevent the oil tank from rusting. The high humidity condition in the tank will speed up the process of rusting and will degrade the quality of your petrol. Make sure there is enough petrol in the tank to avoid from rusting.

6. Park in the shade

Protect your car from the damaging effects of the sun and heat. By avoiding direct sunlight, you'll help to keep your dashboard from drying and cracking. It will protect the car paint and make it long-lasting.

7. Leave the windows slightly open while parked.

Glass windows insulate heat inside, so it's very crucial to release the hot air out. Better yet, allow hot air to escape by leaving the windows slightly open while parked but don’t leave the gap too big as this will allow mosquitoes to enter the car.

8. Make sure there is enough air pressure in tyres

When tires are low on air, they cannot hold load as well as when they are properly inflated. Make sure there is enough air pressure in tyres according to the requirement of each car and make sure to park your car on a flat surface.

9. Clean the interior of your car.

If you eat in your car, you may be unintentionally inviting insects into your vehicle. Leftover crumbs, empty wrappers and fast food bags are like roach magnets. Make sure to remove shoes, toys, and unnecessary items from the car.

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