Shift Lock

Shift locks functions to switch from gear P to gear N when the engine is off. This function s really useful for towing process when the engine can't start.


Traction Control System (TCS)

Majority of us doesn't aware the existence of TCS. Actually, TCS functions automatically and the button is usually used to switch off the function of TCS. It is used to increase the car safety features by preventing the tyre from sliding while driving. This is really useful for driving during rainy days.. Usually, TCS is switched off when the car tyres are stuck in mud or water puddle.

Hazard Lights


This light work to warn other road users about the danger (usually your own vehicle) on the road. Nonetheless, many drivers make a mistake by using the hazard lights during raining days. The correct way to use this light is when you stop on the road or slowing down to stop.


Cruise Control

This is a function to controls the speeds of your car within the limit set by the driver. This function is very useful in helping the driver to follow the road speed limit, hence preventing you from being fined by the authorities.

Once used, the function can be turned off by pressing the off button or by pressing the brake pedal.

Rear View Mirror Flap

The flap at the rear view mirror should be pushed backwards during normal circumstances. It is usually used at night (pushed forward) to minimise the glare coming from the vehicle behind. This is really useful when the glare coming from the vehicle behind is at the same level with the drivers eyes as this could disrupt the drivers sight while driving.

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Secret Stick


Hmmm it has seem as if most drivers doesn't know the existence of the secret stick. Even if they know the existence of it, most drivers might not know the function. For your information, in most cars, this stick is located at the back of the steering wheels.

The way to use it is really easy, you just need to push the stick up or down according to the direction you turn the steering wheel. When the stick is used, flashing lights appear on your car's display and at the outside of you car based on the direction you pushed it. This light is really useful to warn other road users the direction that your are turning or changing lane. What if certain, if more people use the secret stick, the risks of accident on the road can be dramatically reduced.So make sure that you constantly used it while driving on the road.

Do not forget to share all this knowledge with your family and friends so our roads will be safer.

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