CAUTION! Be careful when buying engine oil for your vehicle. Not all engine oils sold in the market are genuine (ORIGINAL). With today's technology, synthetic engine oil syndicates are able to imitate the well-known brands. Examples of well-known brands in the market are Castrol, Shell, Motul, Pennzoil and Toyota.

Subsequently, there are 3 categories of lubricants in the market namely mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic. Many people may not know what the difference is with synthetic minerals. For your information, mineral oil is the oil produced from the distillation process that separates crude oil from mixtures namely gas, gasoline, grease and lubricating oil. For synthetic oils, it is formed through some complex additional chemical processes to ensure the formation and production of a good liquid lubricant.

At the moment, there are wide varieties of engine oil in terms of types, prices, qualities and brands that are widely sold in the market. It is important for someone to identify and know the type, price, or the brand of engine oil that is appropriate to the respective car. This is to avoid from being deceived into purchasing fake engine oils.

Furthermore, the car engine is built with steel and when the engine warmed up, the steel component in the engine will move and slide on each other. This will produce a spark and heat from the friction occurred between the components. Engine oil function is allow smooth steel movement in the engine.

The usage of fake engine oils will result in the engine oils unable to absorb the heat generated. This cause the engine quickly heating up and the shift will become rugged and wear and eventually cause overheating of the engine. Therefore, the type and grade of engine oils should be suitable to maintain engine resistance. Subsequently, car user also need to follow the scheduled change of engine oil to prevent component wear as the engine oil viscosity level would already reduce significantly.

One of the ways to recognize or detect the fake engine oil is by comparing the smell with the original engine oil. Alternatively, you are recommended to buy directly from a legitimate distributor, for example at a gas station. This is because the risk of buying fake engine oil is higher when buying from any third party such as from a workshop. Besides that, please avoid from buying any engine oil at a lower prices than the market prices. Try to regularly check the news to get any updates on the fake or recycled engine oils syndicates.

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Therefore, remember to be careful in identifying, selecting and buying the engine oil. Please make sure to buy the authentic engine oil that fit the type of the vehicle. Using the right or appropriate oils to our vehicles will not only protect and extend the engine life, but also increase the engine performances while helping to save on the car maintenance and the fuel costs.

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