Nowadays, it is common to see clips of incidents that happened on the road. The trend of installing dash cam in the car has led to the increase of this type of video clip. Today, you can easily purchase a dash cam as low as RM 70, depending on the quality and feature that you are looking for. Thus, the price is no longer a reason for you not to get it.

Interestingly, certain countries actually require the installation of dash cam in order to obtain the car insurance. This rule has indicated on the importance of having a dash cam. Before we go into details on the importance of having dash cam, let first know the function of dash cam. Dash cam functions to record or observe the journey of respective car.

There are a lot of dash cam types available in the market today. For example, some of it may include microphone to record voices or include the front and rear overview of the vehicle. This types dash cam can be every advantageous as it has bigger coverage for safety purposes.

What it means by advantageous is that the recorded video can be used as evidence for every accident or incident. This is very useful especially in a situation that did not have any witnesses or the normal “He said, she said” situation where the statement seems to be contradicted.


In other situation, Uber or Grab driver is recommended to install dash cam that include the microphone feature. This is very useful to protect the driver from being robbed or threaten by the passenger. Besides that, this can be useful to prevent from any inappropriate event to happen.

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Besides that, dash cam can be used to record your road trip. There a lot of this type of recording available in the internet which features the beautiful scenery in the road trip. This would help to capture the memories of the road trip better. But don't worry, now is still not too late to have your collection of road trip videos!

In conclusion, you are recommended to get you dash cam now. The money invested in buying a dash cam would definitely be worth it compared to the amount of money that you may need to spend if you are the victim of circumstances. Furthermore, dash cam helps to give you a peace in mind regardless being on the road or when parked.

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