Driving Safety Tips During Heavy Rain

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Driving in heavy rain is sometimes worrisome for most drivers. This is because driving in heavy rains can be very dangerous for their own safety and other road users.

Therefore, in this article, we would like to tell you safety tips for driving in heavy rain. Let's read!


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1. Drive slowly.
Make sure you drive more carefully and don't drive too fast. This is because speeds exceeding 80km/h will cause your vehicle to slide. This can happen when your car's tires can't grasp the road surface properly.

2. Do not drive too close to other vehicles.
As we know, road traffic will be slower during heavy rains. We advise you to drive at a safe distance so that if the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly, you still have time to stop and avoid accidents.


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3. Avoid driving in the right lane.
Other vehicles coming from the opposite directions may break into the puddle of water and cause the water to splash against the windshield of your car. This is particularly worrying as it will interfere with your driving focus.

4. Do not turn on the hazard warning light.
The hazard warning light should not be turned on arbitrarily. This is because it can only be used when your car is stopped for emergency reasons only.

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5. Stop and rest to avoid accidents.
If it rains heavily and affects your eyesight while driving, stop at a rest stop for a short period.

6. Avoid brake if your vehicle wiped out.
If your vehicle wiped out, do not continue to press the brakes. Instead, use your steering wheel and drive the vehicle toward a safe area.

Reference Source: Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan raya (JKJR) Malaysia

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