Engine oil for a vehicle engine is divided into two categories, which are monograde (single grade) and multigrade (various grades). The monograde engine oil is a lubricant having only one viscosity (either during cold or hot). The price of this lubricant oil is cheaper than multigrade lubricants and is usually used for heavy / rugged vehicles / machinery or for older lightweight engine engines. The SAE 40 viscosity rate is among the popular grade in today's markets.

The multigrade type engine oil means a lubricant oil that has a viscosity rate that can change into more liquidly during colder temperatures to more concentrated when temperature increases. The cost of production of this multigrade lubricant is higher than the monograde type engine oil. Often, multigrade engine oil can be identified based on the labels listed on the engine oil bottle / container.

Multigrade engine oil grade is referring to the 2 viscosity levels. For example; SAE 10W / 30, SAE 15W / 50, SAE 20W / 50 and so on. The 'W' consonant means 'Winter' or 'Wet' which is the viscosity level when the engine temperature is cool. In cold / snow seasonal countries, low-viscosity engine oil is very important to ease the vehicle start-up. The number after the sign slash'/' indicate the engine oil viscosity when the engine temperature is hot. The higher the number, the higher the engine oil's resistance to the engine's operating temperature heat.

WHAT IS 'API' & 'SAE'? API is the acronym of American Petroleum Institute. It is an institute that represents the petroleum industry in excavation, production, transmission, refining and marketing. It is also responsible for the research and classification of petroleum products. Engine oil producers will refer to the 'API' standards to determine their grade lubricant grade and grades.

'SAE' stands for 'Society of Automotive Engineers'. It is a body that is directly involved in the research on any product that is related to the automotive industry which include the engine oil.

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