Every time before going for your road trip, you need to make sure that you have the following items in your car. This is because the items would not only be useful during emergency situation, but also help in providing comfort during the journey. Interestingly, you are advised to prepare the same items even for your daily trips.

1. First aid kit

This kit is really useful if there is injury happened to you or other passengers in the car. You did not need anything fancy, just prepare a small basic first aid kit. You are also advised to include a few medications such as paracetamol or balm into the kit.

2. Spare tire kit

First, make sure that you have a spare tire in your car. The spare tire need to be in a good condition and regularly monitor the air pressure as it would slowly flatten after certain duration. Make sure that you keep the tools needed for to change the tire, for example the jack and lug wrenches.

3. Emergency tool kit

The emergency tool kit is advised to be able to fit in small bag and the items can be customised based on the type journey you will be having. Nevertheless, these are among the items that we feel essential for all;

a) Torch light and battery (Separate them)

b) Knife

c) Mini screwdriver sets

d) Gloves

e) Wiping cloth

f) Plastic bags (Different sizes)

g) Duct tape

h) Battery & Power Bank

i) Wet tissue

Try to include these items in the bag at a reasonable amount. Don't worry that although the list seems a bit long, most of the items can be bought at affordable prices. Furthermore, most of these items is already available in your house, making it easier to prepare the emergency tool kit.

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4. Emergency Warning Triangle

Car owner usually neglect the importance of the emergency warning triangle until the time they actually need to use it. This sign is really useful whenever your car broke down especially at night. It would help to alert other road users, due to its reflective features. The emergency warning triangle is usually placed around 10-20 feet behind the car to alert other drivers.

5. 1.5 L Water Bottle

A bottle of water is really useful to keep in your car. It can be used for drinking, adding water into the radiator as well as for clean-up.

6. Jumper

Jumper cable is usually sold at car accessory centre and petrol station. Make sure that you choose the suitable jumper cable for your car model. The jumper cable functions to help the startup of your battery by linking it to another battery. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is usually a short-term solution, which you are advised to change the battery after the jump start.

Make sure that you service your car before going for a long journey. Just contact us at SERV and we will service your car at the comfort of your home.