Believe it or not, certain drivers are still confused on how to use their car's lighting system. So, what exactly the function of your car's light? The lights function as an illuminator in dark conditions especially at night.

Nonetheless, light is can also be used during the days on certain occasions to alert surrounding vehicles. Thus, as a driver, you need to know the correct types of lights depending on the situations. Here, we are going to explain the high beam and low beam features available on your car.

1. High beam

Have you ever experienced a car on the opposite lane used high beam light while driving? This is actually a dangerous act as it interfere with surrounding drivers' sight.

High beam is usually used on dark roads that did not have enough lighting. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you didn't used high beam on crowded road, if there are any vehicles on the opposite lanes or there is a car in front of you. This could disrupt the drivers sight and hence increasing the probability of accidents.

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2. Low Beam

Low beam is the light setting that is usually used on roads that are not too dark and being used with other vehicles. The low is suitable for normal driving usage to light up the road.

In conclusion, the light setting need to be used in the right way for mutual safety. Hopefully, through our sharing, it can help to enhance the drivers' knowledge on the vehicle lamps, especially on the when and where to use it.

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