The replacement tyre is usually known as the spare tyre. This tyre is designed to be smaller than the regular size tyre to allow it being kept under the boot. It helps to save the space and reduce the overall car's weight.

Spare tyre is supposed to be used during an emergency only, where the existing tyre is flat or burst. It allows you to drive the vehicle to the nearest workshop or home safely to replace or tamper the tyre. Typically, the user manuals suggested that maximum milage of using spare tyre is around 80km to 113km. However, you are recommended to replace the original tyre as quickly as possible.

Here, we want to share some things that you need to keep in mind when driving with spare tyre.

1.Drive Slowly

Considering that the spare tyre size is more compact, you are advised to drive not more than 80km/h and to drive on the left lane as a safety precaution.

2.Impairment of Braking, Handling and Turning

The smaller size of the spare tyre would effect the car's quality of braking and manoeuvre as the car would be slightly slanted.

3.Check the Spare Tyre Air Pressure

Typically, the spare tyre air pressure is 60 lbs/square inch (PSI). Considering that most of the time the tyre is in the boot, we might not realised that the spare tyre has started to flatten. Therefore, make it a habit to regularly check the spare tyre air pressure so that it can be use during the emergency.

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4.Security System Operate Inefficiently

When using a spare tyre, the Electronic Stability Control (ECS) feature and Traction Control System (TCS) cannot operate efficiently.Hence you need to drive slowly.

5.Use SERV

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