Do you keep any spare bulb in your car? If so, how many of us actually keep the spare bulb? This might seems trivial, but it is really important to keep a spare head lamps and tail lamps insider our cars. This is especially useful when we are lost despite using Waze or Google Maps, when suddenly the lights blow, leaving us in the dark.

There are 3 types of bulb that need to be keep in our car to be used when needed which are:

a)Head lamp bulb(Around RM 50)

b)Tail lamp bulb and signal lamp (Around RM 30 a pair)

Driving with a blow out bulb can be confusing to other drivers as they might thought the coming vehicle as a motorcycle instead of the car. This could be very dangerous.


Furthermore, the risk of accident would be higher especially in dark areas. You are also vulnerable to be fine by the Road Transport Department or commonly know as JPJ officer if the light is blowed.

But before you simply go and buy any bulb, identity the correct type of bulbs through the car's manual or by googling it. You could also ask the mechanics whether the lights fit and match with your car.

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This may seem insignificant, but there is nothing wrong for us to prepare for the worst. The safety value while driving should never be underestimated, so don't forget to bring extra head lamp and tail lamp bulb in your car.

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