1.Vehicle Tyre Code

FOR EXAMPLE: P205/65/R1594H

Letter “P” at front explain the type of vehicle that is compatible with the respective tyre.

P: Passenger Car 

LT: Light Truck 

ST: Special Trailer

T:  Temporary (Spare Tyre)

Number 205  is the first number in the code to represent the width of the tyre in milimeter. It is measured from side to side of the tyre. The bigger the number, the wider the tyre.

Number 65  is the ratio or percentage of the tyre height to the width of the tyre. Usually, tyre with ratio less than 55 is categorised as low profile tyre.

Low profile tyre provides better overall level of handling and grip performance even though the comfort aspect may be slightly affected.

Letter “R” refers to the construction of tyre radial. Keep in mind that all car tyres have been using radial construction for the last 20 years. The radial tyre does not have tube and provide better driving performance.

Number 15 refer to the size of rim of the tyre in inch

Number 94 represents the maximum load that the tyre can handle. You can know the maximum load of the tyre by referring to the “Tyre Load Index Table” set internationally.For example, the number “94” means the tyre capable of carrying maximum weight of 670kg

Letter “H”  is the last letter indicating the maximum speed limit of the designed tyre. For example, the letter “H” means that the tyre can each reach and maintain at maximum speed of 210 km/h.

Following is the code of the maximum speed limit listed alphabetically:

= 180 km / hour

= 190 km / hour

= 200 km / hour

= 210 km / hour

= 240 km / hour

= Exceed 240 km / hour

= 270 km / jam

= 300 km / jam

ZR = Exceed 270 km/h and above


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2.Tyre Expiry Date

Do you know your tyre expiry date? At the side of every tyre, you can find four digit that represent the tyre date of manufactured. For example – 0517. The number indicate that the tyre is manufactured week 5 year 2017. Supposedly, tyre usage period should be within the 5 years of the date it was manufactured.

New tyre that has reached more than 5 years can still be used however the rubber would be stiffer as it was already expired.

Before changing to a new tyre, make sure to check the production year and choose the one most up to date. You can try to get a discount on the original price if you purchase the previous year tyre.

Here is the tyre price discount according to the year the tyre was produced from the current year, for example (2017):

2016 = 20%

2015 = 40%

2014 = 60%

2013 = 80%

2012 and lower = FREE

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