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In Malaysia, traffic congestion problems are not something new that we hear or see daily. As we know, the rapid development of Malaysia has made it widely recognised around the world.Nonetheless, despite the ever-expanding development, we are still facing certain complicated issues that need to be solve such as the traffic congestion problem

Many roads are built in big cities to facilitate the movement to the population. The heavy congestions that are experienced by the drivers in big cities can affects the drivers's psychology.

Although this issue is not the sole reason that some drivers become out-of-control, it still give an impact to the drivers, especially they are already stressed with the situation at work or home.

1. Time Issue

Traffic congestion would lead to wasting the road user time. Those precious time could be used for other beneficial activities such spend time with the family. The traffic congestion issues is a phenomenon and this situation can affect the psychology of the road users. It can also increase drivers the level of stress.

A lot of time is wasted due to road jams. Workers are forced to be out of their houses early in the morning as well as to arriving late in the evening, even worse at night. Those time should be spent with the family at home rather than spending it on the road.

In addition, the work or task that supposed to be completed within a short time can be delayed due to severe traffic congestion every day.

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2. Physical Illness

Serious road jams can caused the road users to get lung illness, shortness of breath of headache. The noisy sounds come from the vehicles can result in hearing loss and distraction. In addition to the rapid heartbeat and sweating, there are other signs of stress including nausea, rapid breathing, diarrhea, changes of appetite, body aches and sleep disorders.

Traffic congestion can also caused the increase in carbon monoxide level in the air. This can result in ischemia (restriction to the blood vessel) that caused shortage of oxygen.

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