Global automotive technology is growing rapidly so much that lead to tons of researches has been made for users to have a comfortable and eco-friendly standard of living. This is to ensure that the engine of the car should be fueled with environmentally friendly fuel. Therefore, the use of RON95 or RON97 depends on your vehicle engine manufacturer.

RON stands for Research Octane Number (Yusdirman, 2014). It is a measurement method for fuel resistance from engine blocking. Engine knocking occurs when there are air and oil mixtures in the cylinder detonates against the proper combustion process. In short, the higher the grade of an oil, the higher the resistance to the engine knock.

In addition, RON is also associated with a mixture of basic elements which are octane and pentane that complement the property of the fuel. RON 95 means 95% of the contents are octane and the rest are pentane. On the other hand for RON 97, only 3% pentane and the rest are octane. (Source: Bernama).

RON 95 is less resilient compared to RON97 oil. High RON was created to prevent premature flares and was originally created for powerful cars such as racing cars and sports cars. Hence, it does not mean that RON 95 not good for your car. It should be noted that the octane value has nothing to do with the energy content in the fuel, nor the speed of the ignition spark plug to continue across the combustion chamber. It's just a measure of fuel resistance against its own flame, therefore it shouldn't affect the engine performance. However, it is important for the vehicle owner to check the minimum grade requirement for the respective vehicle engine. Sources (Blog Perantau Setiu, 2009).

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Thus, in general, it should be noted that the higher RON does not mean that it is more powerful. It just means that the process of burning of fuel is longer. Besides that, each engine is designed with its own unique octane rating. As a road user, the most important thing is to check your car's manual. Determine the minimum value of octane rating or RON required. If it is noted in the manual that the minimum value of octane rating is RON 95, then you should be able to use RON 95 without any problems. Moreover, RON 95 fuel is cheaper.

However, for those who used high-powered cars such as Evo, Impreza, Type R and Skyline, then you are advised to use RON97 fuel. This is because although the price is more expensive, but it give the car better engine performances. In conclusion, as an environmentally friendly user, you need to identify and choose what fuel is best for your own vehicle to avoid problem later on.

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