Car maintenance can be done by yourself at home without any help of professional mechanic. This would somehow help to save you time and money as you can avoid going to the workshop.

There are 4 types of maintenance that can be done at home, which are:

1. Air filter

Air filter is often ignored in taking care of your car. The air filter actually can be easily cleaned by spraying air to it and ready to be reuse again. Nevertheless, it should be change annually to avoid damages to the engine. So how can you change it?

i. Make sure that you buy the correct air filter for your car. You can compare with the old air filter to ensure that you buy the right one.

ii. Park your car somewhere safe, pull the handbrake and switch off the engine. Proceed to open car hood/front bonnet.

iii. Find the air filter unit and remove the cover. Loose the screw and store it somewhere can be seen and safe.

iv. Remove and detach the air filter casing.

v. Replace it with a new air filter and make sure you seal it with the rubber rim. Insert the back cover to the air ways. Don't forget to screw to cover back.

vi. Make sure that you check the filer regularly so the it is more efficient in preventing dust from entering the car airways.

vii. Again, remember to change the air filter once a year.

2. Battery

To ensure that the battery has a long lifespan and your car able to operate smoothly, the maintenance of the battery is really important. Thus, first of all, you need to distinguish whether your car is using dry cell battery or the wet cell battery.

Wet cell battery usually can be used around 3-4 years while dry cell battery lasts for about 2 years. Hence, these are among the few things that can be done to ensure that the battery last longer.

i. For wet cell battery, make sure to regularly check the level of battery water. This is difference with dry cell battery as you will need to monitor the battery charge indicator. Green indicator means it is OK and black indicator means it is KO and need to be changed immediately.

ii. Make sure that the connecting wire is remove if the car is left unused for a long period of time to avoid the charges remain connected.

iii. Make sure as well that the both positive and negative terminal knobs is not rusted or have any white powder surrounding it. Apply grease or clean it with sodium bicarbonate and wash it off with hot water to avoid the knobs turning rusty.

sign-791333_1280-768x512 3. Radiator

Radiator is a really important component in the car engine and system. A damaged radiator can massively increase the temperature of engine as well as causing the disruption during the acceleration process. Radiator maintenance need to be done once in every 3 months. Among the ways to take care of the radiator are:

i Make sure that the car engine is in cool temperature before starting the process.

ii Open the radiator cover

iii Take note the drain plug position on the radiator. Open the drain plug and let the water or the coolant flow out completely.

iv Insert the water hos from the top to allow water flow into the radiator. When the water discharge seems to be clear, close the drain plug.

v Fill in the coolant into the radiator and add water until it's full.

vi Start the engine and observe the level of water inside the radiator. If it reduced, add some more water and closed the lid tightly.

4. Windshield wiper

drive-863057_1280-768x432 Windshield wiper is among the things that usually being neglected until the driver realized its condition during heavy rain. By then it is already a bit too late.

Some shop may charge the installation fee when you buy the wiper, thus it is recommended to do it yourself. You just need to follow the instruction given at the back of the box. It is really easy and will take less than 5 minutes of your time.

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By doing the maintenance of all the things mentioned above, you will be able to save your time and money, while helps to increase your engine lifespan. Nevertheless, you are advised to be careful and read the instruction carefully before doing it. Avoid doing any of these if you are not confident that you are capable to do so.

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