Most car users tend to neglect to check the condition of the battery until the car start showing problems or the engine cannot start.

This is could be a troublesome especially if this incident occurred while travelling long distance. However, for those living in neighborhood area, this can be easily solved by using a jumpstart technique.

The right technique to do a car jumpstart is firstly, you need to connect a positive terminal (+) battery from the car (donor) to the positive terminal of the problem car (receiver).

Next, connect the negative terminal (-) from the donor to the body (chassis) of the receiver car. Make sure you double check the connection, especially on connecting the negative terminal.

Following are the steps need to be taken when using a jumper cable that will be connected to the battery from another vehicle:

1. Make sure the both cars are parked facing each other as close as possible. Remember that the cars should not touch each other. This is to prevent undesirable earthwork from happening.

If this happened, the car might not be able to start and could cause damage to the electrical system (Transmission Control Unit, TCU).

2. The donor car must use a 12V battery and has higher capacity (battery capacity, Ah) than the receiver car. This is to prevent short circuit from happening to both cars.

3. Make sure that the jumper cable used has good electrical insulation.

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4. Automatic transmission car need to be in gear P (Park) while manual transmission under gear N (Neutral).

5. Don't ever accidentally connect the cable mistakenly between the two batteries- the positive terminal (+) to the negative terminal (-). This can cause sparks and the battery could even explode.

6. Start the donor car engine and left it on for a few minutes. Then, try to start the receiver car engine as well. Once the receiver able to start, remove the jumper cable connection in the reverse order of setting it up. As a precaution step, you are advised to use a cloth to hold the jumper cable as it could be very hot.

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