The automotive world is one of the fastest growing industries using the latest technology towards a environmental-friendly and safe vehicle. This changes of technology would results in another evolution in the human life.

In our country, many still might not aware or realise on the electric car phenomenon which is the Tesla's electric car. It has actually been trending in the United States, an automobile manufacturing company that produces fully electric cars. It has become on of the famous car brand in the United States. Tesla Motors start to gain a lot of attention after producing Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sports car. Then, the company's released their second car, Model S which is a fully electric luxury sedan.

The advantage of this Tesla electronic car technology is that it is the best ever produced electric car for everyday use. This is because it has a long distance battery technology that can survive up to 400km with one charged of battery. Besides that, the usage of the car can reduce the air pollution from the burning of the fossil fuels, as well as noise pollution has help increase the public awareness.

Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has visited United States and stated that Tesla has agreed to work with Malaysia to provide approximately 100 units of Tesla electric car in the Malaysian market. Datuk Seri Najib also mentioned that the 100 units would be tax exempt. (Source: Berita Harian, Feb 2016).

Based on Utusan Online source dated 6 Mac, Tesla would be a sign of development of electric vehicle (EV) in Malaysia through the entry of the 100 electric cars from US. Hence, this act as a shift to making the country as the pioneer of the EV industry in this arena

The presence of Tesla is seen as an exposure to the country since the company has produced EV that able to travel up to 400 kilometres with one charge that takes less than 30 minutes. As said by the CEO of Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI), Datuk Mohamad Madani Sahari,

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The introduction of the Tesla model to Malaysia is a shift towards Malaysia's vision to pioneer the EV indsutry in the region. This is because Tesla is the first company to produce EV,” he told Utusan Malaysia

The government is in the process of granting Tesla premium sedar car, model S. Hence this would make Malaysia the first ASEAN country that Tesla agreed to allocate 100 cars under this special program.

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