Lubricant oil or better known as engine oil is important to smooth the component movement in the engine. Every engine oil has different viscosity level according to its grade where it functions as a lubricant for components movement in the engine such as piston, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft and others.

When the engine is turned on, engine oil will start to flow and act as a lubricant between the internal components of the engine. Longer time or distance that engine is turned on will eventually reduce engine oil viscosity level. This is because the engine oil flows between the components will turn hot and burns, hence changing the viscous properties of the engine oil to become less viscous. The oil colour will also change from yellow to black.

This is why you need to be aware of the changing of engine oil schedule. The main reason is because larger damage will occur when if the car owner ignores the changing of engine oil schedule. Changing of engine oil must be in accordance with the schedule and recommendations of vehicle manufacturers.

Engine oil loses its lubricating force day by day when used as it is exposed to engine heat and the oil level of oxide. Heat changes the molecular structure of the engine oil causing it to lose lubrication properties. In addition, the oil will become dirty as it is mixed with weary metal when the engine is operating (Ruzita, 2008).

Generally, many drivers change engine oil depending on the type of model of the vehicle and engine oil grade. For example, mineral oils should be exchanged when they reach 5,000 km for 3 months, semi-synthetic oils at 10,000 km for 6 months and fully synthetic oils at 15-20,000 km for a year.

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Furthermore, engine oil contributes to engine cooling and the cooling properties decreases through time. Old engine oil will cause the engine to operate more hot than usual and will result in extreme wear.

The worst component that would be affected is the piston ring, where it will become wear. This would lead the engine to discharge a lot of white smoke and reduce the engine oil because the engine oil has risen through the wear piston ring into the combustion chamber. Subsequently, it will also burns during power stroke and exhaust fumes will be white and smelled of burning engine oil.

Drivers need to take care of their cars and change their engine oil according to schedule and time recommended by their car manufacturer. Vehicle engine life span can last longer when someone is diligent and constantly changes the engine oil according to the schedule.

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