Diesel engine was created in 1892 by a German youth, Rudolph Diesel. This engine is an internal combustion engine that operates through diesel cycle. Diesel engine is manufactured in 2 stroke and 4 stroke. It was originally built as a replacement for a more efficient steam engine. Since 1910 it has been used in ships and submarines.

Currently, diesel engines are widely used in heavy vehicles such as lorries, buses and industrial vehicles. Inside the diesel engine, air is flushed into the cylinder and compressed. The compressed air becomes hot and when it reached the last top of the compression stroke, the injector pump the fuel into the combustion chamber for the combustion process. In this system, the fuel should be filtered to avoid the incomplete combustion of fuel during power stroke.

ENJIN-PETROL-1024x576 The petrol engine is a kind of flame-flare-based internal combustion engine and is designed specifically for the use of gasoline or similar volatile fuel. It differs from the diesel engine on the way air-fuel is mixed and the presence of the spark plug.

It starts with the air and fuel are added before the compression stroke. This mixing process is performed by carburettor or electronic fuel injection. The initial air-fuel mixtures allow petrol engines to operate on engine spins higher than diesel engines, but with more compressive ratios and more limited efficiencies. Petrol engines have many uses, including cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boat motors, small engines such as grass machines, chain saws and electric generators.

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In general, diesel engines and petrol engines are made to cater the need of the vehicle . For example in terms of fuel systems where diesel engines use fuel injection while petrol engines use carburettor or fuel injection. In addition, the diesel engine has a low engine speed of 4,500 rpm and the petrol engine has a higher engine speed of approximately 5,500 - 20,000 rpm. Diesel engines can also be said to be more expensive than petrol engines.

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