1. If you are planning to wash your car inside out, make sure that you clean the inside of the car first before washing the outer part of the car.

2. Try to wash your car in the morning or late evening to avoid the water from drying up so fast and ended up leaving water spots.

3. Make sure that all doors and windows are fully closed before using high pressured water. Using high pressured water would help to remove the dirt and oil from the body of the car.

4. Make sure that you only use car shampoo and avoid using other type of soaps to wash your car as it could damage the paint or strip away the wax.

5. Use the “2 bucket system”; The Rinse Bucket is used to rinse the sponges before dipping into the Car Shampoo Bucket.

6. Start by cleaning the tires and rims, followed by cleaning the top part of the car.


7. Make sure that you use sponges to clean the window to avoid scratches from occurring.

8. Rinse each section after soaping them to avoid the bubbles stain.

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9. Use 2-3 microfiber towels to wipe the car. Wipe as fast as you can so that there will be no water stain.

10. Apply wax or polish so that the car and tires looks shiny and brand new.

You are advised to wash your car after you serviced your car. Reach out to us through our SERV app or website to service your car.