Have you ever experienced a situation where your steering wheel is vibrating and unstable? This might happens whether due to the front tyres pressure is too low or uneven wear of the front tyres.

Drivers and passengers will be uncomfortable with such conditions especially when traveling for a long journey. As we know, tyres are the most important part of every vehicle as the vehicle cannot operates without tyres. Tyres are the only parts that connect between the vehicle and the road surface. It is therefore important that one understands and knows the safety and care of the vehicle tyres to be less weary, bald and so on.

Factors affecting the wear of the tyres are caused by inadequate air pressure and overloading. The Road Transfer Department (JPJ) has recently taken a decisive action in which they have issued summons to heavy vehicles drivers that uses bald and thin tyres which could endanger everyone lives. (Harian Metro, 2016).

Other than inadequate air pressure, driving at high speed can lead the tyres to worn out faster. This is caused by the frequent fast acceleration and sudden braking as it will exert strong deceleration force by the driver. The rough road surface will also contribute to one of the reason that the tyres might worn or even burst and blowout.

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In addition, when the centre of the tread is wearing more than the outer edges, the driver can easily lose control of the vehicles when driving as the tyres are no longer have grip on the road surface. This condition will be more dangerous during rainy days as the road will be more slippery.

As a prudent driver, we need always be aware on the importance of car maintenance. Bald or worn out tyres will put the driver and surrounding people lives in danger as the risk of accidents is also high.

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