1. Budget

You need to set the budget of the car you want to buy. This involves considering the down payment as well as the monthly instalment if a loan is taken to buy the car. Usually, it is advised that the monthly instalment do not exceed 20% of the monthly salary. You are recommended to use the loan calculator to find the right budget of the car.

2. Necessity

Although you could afford your dream car, it is still advisable to buy a car based on your necessity rather than based on your need. Among the things that you need to consider whether the car fit your necessities are;

a) Amount of passenger

b) Nature of driving

c) Safety features

d) Car interior design

3. Comparison

You can start listing any cars that fit both the budget and necessity as explained before. Comparison of the cars is important as this helps you made the right choice with the value of money spend. Try to list the pros and cons for each car. Among the things that you can include in the pros and cons list are;

a) Long term cost (After sale service and parts)

b) The car depreciation rate

You are also advised to go the respective cars show room to see and test drive the cars. If possible, bring along other passengers or drivers that will be using the car. This allow you to know better about the cars hence giving you satisfaction with the decision made.

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4. Ready to buy

Once you decided the best car you can buy within the budget set, you are ready to buy the car. Nevertheless, there is still a long journey on the documentation before you are finally able to buy a car. Worry not, the car salesman is ready to help you with all the paper works.

Reminder: Car is a necessity for us to move from point A to point B. So, make sure that you consider the safety features really well before making your decisions.

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