Choosing the right car that you want is very important before you decided to buy it. Nowadays, many people prefer to buy a brand-new car despite the fact that there is not much difference between the new cars and old cars. 

To be honest, the choice of buying new or used cars has its own pros and cons, depending on one's capabilities and needs.

However, buying used cars is still the best choice for certain users. Here, we want to share with you some of the important guides or steps for anyone wishing to buy a used car.

In buying a used car, buyer need to be concerned with the state of the car's equipment and accessories. Try to find a car that has complete equipment and accessories as it ensures the comfort and convenience of the buyer.

Therefore, here are the 12 basic things that need to be carefully checked before buying a car, especially for used cars.

i. Lights (brake lights, signal lights, fog lights, cabin lights and warning lights)

ii. Side mirror switch control knob and holder

iii. Car door opener and dashboard drawer

iv. Bonnet and oil opener

v. Air conditioner

vi. Horn

vii. Socket 2.4V / cigarette lighter plug

viii. Radio and compact disc players

ix. Power Window Switch (if any)

x. Seat adjusters and seat belts

xi. Windshield wiper

xii. Spare tyre and toolboxes

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Besides that, the hidden parts under the bonnet car as well as around the rubber door and down the floor carpet should be checked. Additionally, it is important for you to have a drive test of the car so you are not deceived by the car dealers. 

Pay attention to level of coolness of the air conditioner and make sure that the radiator in good condition. Do take note on the condition at the bottom of the engine to see whether there is any leaking of lubricant.

Before buying a used car, we also recommend that you choose a car that has a service record logbook. Ask the dealer and hire a third party check-up to investigate whether the used car has already involved in any accidents previously. You will need to make sure that the original grant without any amendment is available and that the engine and chassis number is the same with the interested used car.

Don't forget to request for official and clearly written quotes before paying any reservation fees when dealing with used car dealers. Ask for a receipt after making the payment and keep the receipt for future references.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong on buying used cars, especially in this current economic state in order to survive the high cost of living. We recommended that you consider your financial needs and conditions before making the big decisions and try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying new or used cars.

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