It is not easy to drive when it is raining and foggy. Following are the things that you can applied to help you reached your destination safely when you are stuck driving in the heavy rain.

1. Turn your lights on

Fog would start to appear as it starts raining making the surrounding seem a bit darker. Thus, you are advised to turn on the headlight to allow you to see the road better and help other road users to see you as well. Try to make it a habit to turn on your lights even in broad daylight if it is raining.

Remember not to use the hazard light when it is raining unless there is any emergency such as car breakdown, accident or to alert other drivers. You also need to make sure that you did not use the rear fog light unless during heavy thunderstorm or whenever the fog is too thick. In a situation where you need to use the rear fog light, always be on alert to turn them on and off as necessary as it can dazzle other drivers.

2. Keep a safe distance

As you already know, driving during rainy days can be dangerous as there will be water on the road hence making it become slippery. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep a safe distance between the car in front of you. This is important to give you sufficient space to stop or slow down especially whenever the car in front of you used the emergency brake.

3. Drive slow

You need to make sure that you are driving slowly to minimize the splash from reaching the engine area. Try to avoid the puddle on the road as this might cause the car to slip. Stay away from any large and speeding vehicle as the they tend to cause more splash that can disrupt your driving view.

4. Avoid using brake

Driving during rainy days can put you in dangerous situation. This is because there is a high possibility of you to slip or experienced hydroplaning. It is common for driver to press the brake immediately as this happened.

Nevertheless, the right way to face the situation is to avoid using the car brake. Driver need to release the fuel pedal and let the car slow down slowly while having a strong grip on the steering wheel. This is because using the car brake in this situation tend to make the slip worsen.


5. Avoid foggy mirror

Do you notice that sometimes when it is raining, your windshield and window starting to become foggy? This occurred due to the temperature differences between surrounding and inside of the car temperature. In order to avoid the mirror from getting foggy, make sure that you switch on the window heating function. You can also turn up the air conditioner or lowered down the window a bit to remove the moist or lower the inside of the car temperature.

6. Using polarized sunglass

Certain types of sunglass can actually help the driver to drive better during rainy days. The polarized sunglass is advised to be used when it is foggy or rain during the day as it blocks horizontal components of scattered or reflected light. This would allow the driver to have a better view on the road.

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7. Listening to the radio

While sometimes driver feel like radio can be a distraction when trying to focus, it is still advisable to listen to the radio when it is raining especially during heavy thunderstorm. This is to ensure that you are updated with the latest traffic news, weather forecast and flood warning.

8. Stop if needed

The safest way suggested is to stop if possible or needed, especially when it is raining too heavy that you no longer can't see the view of the road. Nevertheless, make sure that you stop somewhere safe and do not cause any hazard to other road users.

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