Do you know that brake is a component that requires the most attention? This is because a functioning brake ensure that the car is able to stop safely during driving as well as guarantees the safety of the driver on the road.

Furthermore, brake is the component that will experience the most friction. Hence it should be maintained and replaced when the time comes.

As with other components, the brakes also have early signs which indicated that they are beginning to be problematic and need to be replaced. If any of the signs are detected, please make a visit to the nearest workshop as soon as possible to get it fixed. To be safe, your car's brake system should be checked at least once a year.

Following are the signs that you should pay attention to regarding the brake system. Remember that ignoring these signs could cause trouble to yourself and the other road users.


Noisy sounds:Usually the most common sign of wear is that whenever you pressed the brake, you can hear friction or ringing sounds. Nevertheless, if you starting to detect any other sounds while braking, make sure that you give also it a check.


Imbalance: The car seems to lose its balance. This will cause the driver to feel as the car being pulled to the left or right side of the road while braking.


Less sensitive pedal: The brake pedals need to be pressed until it almost reaches the car floor before the brakes to begin gripping.


Extremely sensitive pedal: The brakes are activated too fast even with a light touch on the brake pedal.


Vibration: You can feel vibration as you pressed the brake even in normal circumstances.


Warning light: The brake warning light on the car dashboard display light up.

brake-disc-1749633_1280-1024x682 Presence of the mentioned signs means the possibility of problems at the car's brake system. Therefore, again it is reminded that you should never neglect any of the mentioned signs as it is a very dangerous act.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to rapid wear of brake pads.


Driving style: Aggressive driving style can result in rapid wear of the brake pads.


Operating condition: The constant usage of the vehicles is one of the contributors to wear. This is especially for heavy duty usage or constant driving in the hilly areas.


Quality brake pads: There a lot of brake pads brands that offer wide range of quality. Hence, if you prefer a better braking performance and being safe on the road, you are most likely need to spend more on the brake pad.

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In conclusion, as a driver you need to always be aware of the condition of your brake system. You can follow the following brake care tips as a precautionary measure.

1. Check for Front Brake Liner

Owners of automatic transmission vehicles can do the front brake check. This is because the front brakes tend to wear faster than rear brakes. Make it a habit to check the front brakes before beginning long distance journey by getting professional to do the inspection.

2. Remove the Foot from the Pedal Brake

If you have a habit of putting your foot on the brake pedal while driving, you will need to change that habit starting today. The habit of often pressing the brake pedals with or without conscious can lead to brakes wear faster. You can save the usage of brakes liner by placing your foot away from the brake pedal.

3. Check the Brake Oil Level (Once a month)

If you are using your car daily, you need to spend a day in the month to check the brake oil level. The brake oil must be between the maximum and minimum indicator level provided.

SERV provides free 22 checkpoints inspection with every service. This helps in knowing the current condition of your brake pads.