For automatic transmission car user, do you know that there are tips and correct method to switch the automatic gear? This is because it is pretty common to see drivers making mistake when they are switching the gear.

However, these tips are only suitable for automatic car that has knob on the gear. Please ignore if you happened not to have knob for the gear. Tips that will be shared are as following;

1. Don't switch to gear P while stopping at the traffic light

When you stop at the traffic light, certain drivers tend to switch to gear P. How could you know? It can be easily detected as the front car reverse light would light up for a moment when it is stopping.

Can you imagine the situation when the driver did not realize that the light is turning green and the other cars starting to honk? This would usually cause the driver to panic and start to press the fuel pedal without switching to gear D.

The increase the risk of damaging the gearbox. As you know, the cost to fix and replace the gearbox is expensive.

The right ways to stop at the traffic light:

1. Pressed the brake pedal

2. Switch to gear N without pressing the knob on the gear

3. Pull the hand break

4. Release the brake pedal

Continuing the journey:

1. Pressed the brake pedal

2. Switch to gear D without pressing the knob on the gear

3. Release the hand break

4. Release the brake pedal

2. Usage of knob on the gear

Following are the situations which require you to press the knob when switching the gear.

• P>R

• R>P

• R>N

• N>R

• D>L

• L>D

Don't pressed the know when switching gear between;

• N>D

• D>N

Why do we need to follow these tips? One of the reason is to avoid you from accidentally over switching gear which can damage the gearbox.

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For example, when stopping your car, you will try to switch from gear D to gear N. However, by pressing the knob, you could accidentally switch the gear to R without realizing it. This can damage the gearbox due to the unexpected switched from gear D to R.

Following are the sequence of automatic gear;

P-Parking, is used when you stopped or parked your car. At this stage, your car won't be moving despite you did not pull the hand break.

R-Reverse, is used to reverse your car.

N-Neutral, is used while stopping at the traffic light or traffic jammed.

D-Drive, is used to drive the car. The gear switched automatically between gear 1,2,3 and 4.

For certain automatic car, there are additional gear functions as follow;

3-3rd gear is suitable to overtake or switching gear 4 to gear 3.

2@L2-2nd gear is suitable to be used while going down the hill.

1@L1@L- Lower gear is usually used to climb the hill.

Hopefully with sharing these tips, you will be able to fix your technique of driving if have happened to make a mistake in automatic gear conversion. Besides that, this could help you to save your money from repairing the gearbox which we all know cost very expensive.

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