1.Reverse Camera

Most of the recent model cars are equipped with reverse camera features. In fact, there are certain countries that mandate the installation of reverse camera. The reverse camera functions to aid the driver's vision when reversing.

There are now a variety of reverse camera available in the market, some cost even lower than RM 100. Among the types of reverse cameras that are preferred by the drivers are the one that provide LCD display on the rear view mirror or the one equipped with night lights or distance scales.


2.Infotainment System

Bored with the limited functionality of your radio? Time to switch to the latest infotainment system. Most of the latest infotainment system has functions such as bluetooth, video player, usb player and navigation

What is certain is that with the installation of the infotainment system, the atmosphere inside the car will change to being cool and stylish drastically. This gadget is available in the market for as low as RM 500 up to a few thousands of Ringgit according to the quality and features of the respective gadget.


3.Take Care of the Car's Interior & Exterior

Believe it or not, among the most obvious way to make your old car looks like new again is by taking care of the interior and exterior parts of the car. Remember to wash and service your car according regularly.

You can also modified or add on the car accessories if you happened to have extra budget for it. In terms of the performance of the car, servicing the car according to the schedule or the suggested mileage is really important.

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