Easy steps can be taken to make sure that the tyres are always in perfect condition. You can always check the air pressure to ensure that the tyres is in good condition.

Through this step, it can extend the life span of the tyres so that you do need to change to the new tyres regularly. Tyres that lack or has excess air pressure can cause the tyre to wear unevenly and hence will not last long.

For example, tyres with less than 20% air pressure results in 20% decrease of the tyres maximum lifespan. Hence, tyres that supposed to last up to 100,000 km could be wear at 80,000 km.

Proper tyres maintenance can also help to save money spend for fuel since low air pressured tyres is actually one of the biggest factors that caused the car to consume more fuels. This is because tyres with less air pressure have a high resistance to the tyres rotation hence causing more energy need to be produced by the engines to move the car.

Besides that, proper tyres maintenance is also a factor in ensuring that your level of safety on the road is high. Tyres would be the medium between the car and the road. Therefore, it should be in perfect condition to prevent your car from losing control.

To avoid any problems, some steps can be taken;

Check the state of the tyres

Check the tyres physical condition to see whether there is any defects such as wear, leaks or tear on the tyres surface.If you detected any of these conditions, you are advised to send your car to the workshop for further inspection.

The usage of wrong air pressure setting can affect the steering control as well as the braking system, especially in wet conditions. Tyres that lack of air pressure can cause the heat to increase and causing the tyres to expand and possibly burst. So, make sure that you check the tyres pressure before starting a long journey.

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Comply with the Load Act

Do not exceed the recommended amount of load according to the suggested tyres load. This can also increase the heat on the tyres and eventually lead to the tyres to burst.

High speed can damage the tyres

At high velocity, tyres are easier to be damaged if there are any obstacles on the road or the heat is increasing. Besides that, it can drastically reduce the air pressure which can result in the car losing control.

Prepared the spare tyre

If there are any problems with the tyre, change it with the prepared spare tyres. As a follow-up, you will need to send your car to be checked by the professional.

We at SERV include tyres inspection in our 22 inspections points. It comes free of charge with every service.