Engine lubricant or normally known as engine is important in assisting the engine operating smoothly. It need to be change every 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers according to the type and grade of oil. Nevertheless, for a new car, the first engine oil change is recommended at the first 1000 kilometers according to the car provider.

Other than functioning to ease the movement of the component in the engine, engine oil is used to reduce the heat emission caused from the friction on the engine cylinder wall. Thus, a higher quality engine oil would provide more protection and higher performance to the engine. Engine oil can be divided into three types: Fully Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Mineral.


The fully synthetic is starting to be among the most preferred type of engine oil among the car users. This type of engine oil is usually more expensive and usually cost more than RM 100 per bottle. Among the most famous viscosity used for this type of engine oils are 0W/30, 5W/40, 5W/50 and lastly 10W/40.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is made up of 2 main ingredients, which are Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and Ester. PAOs is formed by Ethylene chain of molecules to form a balanced component and are able to maintain smoothness in the engine. Ester is formed by the reaction of alcohol and an acid. These ingredients are blend together with additives using the latest technology, forming synthetic structure molecule. This product is then called Fully Synthetic Engine Oil.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is recommended for the modern car usage rather than for the older car version. This is due to the low viscosity level which could lead to vaporization of the engine oil. Nevertheless, most user doesn't fully understand this reasoning and hence using the unsuitable grade of engine oil. This would cause the amount of engine oil presence in the engine to be after each car usage.

Example on how to read the engine oil grade: 10W/40, where 'W' represent the viscosity level. The first number = 10 means the level of viscosity in a cold temperature while 40 in hot temperature. This grade is also call as multi-grade, as the level of viscosity changed according to the temperature. The selection of engine oil grade is usually made based on the car manufacturer suggestion, age of the car, climate as well as the driving behaviour or the driver.


Semi synthetic engine oil is a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil (<30% of synthetic oil). This type of engine oil is specially formulated to have as much benefits as fully synthetic offers at a lower cost. Generally, the ratio of the fully synthetic oil would determine the semi-synthetic commodity code.


Mineral, also known as motor oil can be regarded as crude oil as it is refined from the petroleum oils and the is no additional formula is included to this type of engine oil.

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As a conclusion, there are varieties of engine oil in the market nowadays. Hence, we as car users need to choose the most suitable engine to according to respective car within the budget we had in mind.

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