Nowadays, the technology system in the automotive industry has been expanding tremendously and moving towards building environmental friendly cars.

Tons of research have been made to replace petrol as the main source of energy of a car. Among the solutions found to solve the problem is the hybrid technology.

At the moment, there has been a few hybrid technology cars that has been successfully produced and introduced to the market.

Generally, hybrid technology car is a car that has more than one source of energy to move the car. It would be using petrol or diesel fuel together with an electric motor.

The most important feature in a hybrid car is that it reduces the usage of petrol. Hence, this would reduce the carbon dioxide emission compared to other cars.

How does hybrid car works?

Hybrid car can be classified into a few types, which all of them function like a normal automatic car. The differences of every hybrid car are due to the distinctions in the level technology and expertise of respective car manufacturer.

Conventional hybrid

Hybrid car can be divided into two different types, which are the full and mild hybrid. Full hybrid car functions fully either from the energy produced by the engine, battery or both of them.

The way the car works is that as the speed of the car is slow, the engine would stop moving and depend on the electric engine. Next, as acceleration occurred, both engine and electric engine would be used. At this stage, extra energy produced by the engine would be used to charge the electric motor battery.


The full capacity of the electric motor is believed to generate energy enough to move the car as far as 2 KM. Toyota has implement this system in Yaris and Auris for the hatchback model and Prius+ for the MPV model. As for Ford, the Ford Escape Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid are among the hybrid they manufactured.

This is a slight difference comparing to Honda Insight and Jazz as they used the mild hybrid system. This type of hybrid also has a complete set of engine with electric motor to generate more energy. The only difference is that the electric motor will not be able to function alone without the support of the engine.

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid car has advantages in term of its battery that is able be charged using external electric sources or when the car is moving. This type of car has the technology to connect both mild and full hybrid car with an electric car.

Despite having a normal engine, the battery capacity for this type of car is much higher than others hybrid car. Therefore, this allow the car to move further while depending on the battery alone – as some car can even reach up until 48KM.

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Toyota has produced this type of car for Prius model while Volvo manufactured a diesel-hybrid V60. There is also Mitsubishi Outlander, which is †he only petrol plug-in hybrid SUV.

Car models such as Vauxhall Ampera and Chevrolet Volt used a different concept. Both cars used electric motor as the main source of energy to move the cars. Petrol is only used to charge the energy as the amount of energy produced is low.

**Hybrid car nowadays is among the most preferred car among the car owners as it saves the fuel consumption. Regardless of the types of cars used, it is important to service your car regularly to extend the engine lifespan. Contact SERV now to get your car service anywhere of your convenience.