Have you ever experienced a situation when you are driving, you accidently fall asleep or lost focus for a moment? And you only realized it when your car is already too close with the next car, or being honked at or your head hit the steering wheel?

This situation is called as microsleep.

What is microsleep?

Microsleep is a phase where your body is asleep for a short while, usually between 1-30 seconds. This could have happened even when your eyes are wide awake. Despite the really short duration, being unaware on the road for even a second can caused deathly accident.

How does microsleep happened?

Microsleep usually happened to tired individual that try to stay awake, continue driving long distance or facing the computer for a long time.

Besides that, microsleep usually happened to individuals that lack of sleep, depressed or psychology is mentally and physically fatigued. Tired is among the main reason why microsleep happened.

What need to be done?

There are a few steps that can be done to avoid sleepiness or microsleep during driving.

1. Stop the car and find a suitable resting place.

If you are driving for a long time, make sure that you take a moment to stop and rest at somewhere safe. Make sure that you did not stop at the emergency lane or at the side of busy road. Do some light exercise for 5 minutes to let your blood flow as you have been sitting for a long time.

2. Talk to your passenger.

Avoid daydreaming because it can make you feel sleepy. If possible, avoid driving alone if you a going to drive long distance.

3. Drink a cup of coffee or tea

A cup of coffee or tea can help you to stay awake and energized.

4. Get some isotonic drink

Isotonic drink can help to make your feel fresh. However, choose the drink wisely as you might want to avoid too much sugar.

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5. Open the car window

One of the reason microsleep occurred is due to the lack of oxygen in your boday. Therefore, try to inhale some fresh air especially when you are driving outside the city are to increase your oxygen level.

Plan your journey well and make sure that you get enoughbrest before driving for a long distance.

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