1. Remain calm and do not panic. You will need to control your emotion. Remember that being angry or blaming other people at that moment would not help solving your situation.

2. Please ensure that all the passenger in the car are safe. In a situation where the passenger is injured, get help from bystander and call the ambulance right away.

3. Take photos of the accident scene and try to include for plate number as clear as possible. The pictures are important as it would be requested during claiming process by the insurance company.

4. Contact the car insurance provider to inform about the accident. You should request a tow track if the you can't move the car. If the car is still movable, go straight to the police station. There, you will need to make a police report.

5. In the meantime, don't forget to inform your relatives and friends about the accident.

6. Police report is compulsory in order to claim the insurance provider. Please make sure that you made the police report within 24 hours of the accident.

7. Please make sure that all damages are mentioned in the report. For example, if the airbag had bursts, informed the police officer so that picture of the airbag would be taken into evidence.

8. In a car accident that involves other vehicles, police report would be made by the respective car drivers. So please made sure you provide the correct details of the report as police would conduct the investigation of the reports received. The investigation could take up some time.

9. After the police report is ready, pass a copy of the report to the workshop for the next process. Now you should be able to go home to get some rest.

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10. If possible, try to go to the workshop on the same day as there would be form that you will need to sign. Remember to bring along the important documents such as the original and photocopies of identification card, driving license, insurance policies and vehicle grant.

11. Try to do it one steps at a time. The police officer that handle the investigation as well as the insurance agent would be there to guide you throughout the whole thing so that everything goes smoothly

Reminder: Please make sure that you service your car according to the scheduled mileage to prevent accident from happening.

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