What is a spark plug?

Spark plug is a component in the car ignition system that act to produce a spark that helps the process of combustion of air and fuel in the engine.

What happens when the spark plug is not being replaced after certain time?

1. The spark plug electrode become worn out

2. It can't produce a nice fire spark

3. Engine become unstable and difficult to start

4. Engine loses power while accelerating

5. Engine vibrated and unstable


When we need to change the spark plug?

Usually the spark plug can be used up to 45,000km while its cable or wire can last almost twice of that duration. However, the estimated figure actually depends on the style of driving.

Sometimes, certain drivers only changed the spark plug when it already too worn out and has changed into carbon black and greasy. Actually, there are some observable signs that can help to indicate the time to change the spark plug.

1. The engine sounds are noisy and uneven

2. Difficult to start the engine in the morning

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3. Uneven combustion inside the engine

4. Sudden engine power surge

5. High fuel consumption but decrease in acceleration power.

SERV provides free 22 checkpoints inspection with every service. This helps in knowing the current condition of your spark plug.