Many people know SERV from the convenience of our Service On-The-Go where we bring the mechanics to you anywhere at any time. However, we’ve expanded our services to empower local workshops by allowing you to book appointments for heavier services and Drive-In to the workshop location. What else do these two services offer? Here are a few to name:

Service On-The-Go

No matter rain or shine, at any time of the day, we’ll always be ready to SERV you anywhere. Under our Service On-The-Go, we have a few features our users can choose from depending on the type of assistance they would need. However, this feature only allows for certain types of light services than can be done outside of the workshop which can come in handy for when you need a car health inspection without the hassle of driving out.

  • Road Assistance
    This feature allows you to call for breakdown assistance when you need it most. Whether you’re stranded in the road due to break down, car issues or tyre punctures, our mechanics will be ready to provide you with the sufficient help and services you need.
  • Service On-The-Go
    When you select this feature, you can detail the type of services you need from oil changes to health checks along with additional services such as wiper changes and tyre pump. Once you’ve confirmed the service you need, you can select your preferred time, date and location. When your booking is successful, all you have to do is sit tight and wait until the mechanic arrives.
  • Battery Replacement
    In need of a battery replacement? You can select this feature and have our partner Bateriku head on over to your location to provide a battery replacement service on-the-go!
  • Contactless Payment
    In light of the recent pandemic, this is the best time to go contactless throughout your service process. Besides keeping your distance with the mechanic, you can also make your car service payments online via our multiple options such as ewallet, online banking, debit/credit cards.

Our Drive-In serves to connect our users with a plethora of workshops across Malaysia. Whether you’re in need of some heavy car services or you want to explore some great nearby workshops, you can hop onto our Drive-In tab to start booking your next appointment. Here are some features you can play around with on our Drive-In.

  • Explore Merchants
    The first thing you can do under this feature is to explore the many workshops that we have under SERV. This page features the name of every workshop, customer ratings, distance and operation hours for your convenience. You can scroll and compare each workshop profile where their details are displayed.
  • Ratings
    Before booking your appointment with a workshop, you can view their ratings from other customers who have completed their services with this workshop. This can help you make a more solid decision of which workshop you’d like to service with.
  • Appointment Booking
    We understand that you may have a busy working schedule which may lead you to forget your next car service. Luckily for our users, you can book your next car service appointment with your preferred workshop ahead of time. You start by selecting the appointment button on your preferred workshop’s profile, detail the service you require under remarks, select your preferred time & date and at the end you can save this booking on your personal calendar to serve as a reminder to you later on.
  • Navigation
    If you’re concerned about getting lost when driving to your selected workshop, don’t worry! Our app has a navigation button on your preferred workshop’s profile where you can easily navigate to their workshop location via Google Maps or Waze. However, if you need any other assistance to get to your destination, you can always give the workshop a call and talk to them directly via the details on their profile.
  • Contactless Payment
    We want to do our part to keep both our users and SERV Merchants safe by offering an option to make your car service payments online to reduce the amount of physical contact made. We have a variety of options such as ewallet, online banking and debit/credit cards to keep yourself safe during this pandemic.

Now your car is all set! Whether you’re staying safe at home or you’re itching to leave your home for a quick service, you can always rely on the SERV app for all your car maintenance needs. Manage and service your car digitally through SERV! Download the app today on both the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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