Despite being commonly known as something that’s bad for the environment, there’s actually a way for us to be eco-friendly while being a great car owner. One of which is by maintaining the car you already own instead of saving up for a hybrid vehicle.

How? Well, here’s a few things you can do!

  1. Check your gas cap
    If your gas cap is loose, cracked, damaged or missing, it may allow vapour to escape from your fuel tank which can lead to fuel wastage and an increase of your car’s emissions. Get a new cap for an easy and inexpensive way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Emissions system
    Certain cars have a system that controls your car’s emissions, exhaust and pollutants using sensors, computerized engine controls and exhaust components. Make sure to inspect this system once a year to keep you, your passengers and the earth safe from harmful gasses.
  3. Avoid speeding or driving aggressively
    It’s not just dangerous but it can also increase your gas mileage as much as 33 percent as well as lose your fuel efficiency. Refrain from speeding, rapid acceleration and sudden braking while driving and instead drive slow and safely for the better of yourself and the earth.

These were only a few among many other things that you can do to keep to maintain your car’s health while saving our planet! Make sure to do a regular car checkup by booking an appointment on our SERV Drive-In. Download the app today!

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